Thursday, 11 May 2017

Another year - already?

Season 6, I think?
Flirted occasionally with XC racing, 6th at XC Nationals in Elite was a highlight. Attempted to start training from the moment the CX season had ended until, well, all year. Never got going. Kids going through poor sleep patterns, bouts of man flu or tending to child flu, over tiredness and over eating... not ideal environmental conditions.

CX Season came round again. For once I was less excited and more fearful due to a terrible year of zero preparation. And then it happened - The girls decided to start sleeping. Absolute bliss. Going from 4-5 awakenings per night, every night to one or two maybe once or twice a week at most happened at just the right time.

I still didn't train much, but at least now I was able to stay awake on the start line. I managed a 2nd place in the opening UCX round which I put down to a fluke of conditions that suited me and others having mechanicals, but when I had gained another few podiums I realised that sleep really is the best thing in life.

6th at CX nationals in Tollymore was a real turn around for my form in this race. For once I was happy with the performance and preparation and know its as good as I could ever have hoped for given the stellar field of riders.

The Under 6 racer upgraded herself to Under 8 and continues to surprise me, collecting a couple of 3rd place medals along the way, and more importantly, enjoying every race and getting stuck in. Offspring MKII also decided to start racing lately on her balance bike, because everyone else is at it. 30 months old and racing on an under 8 licence, ridiculous, but she loves it.

Base training going well so far in 2017, with small signs of progress for the first time in a few years. I raced one Ormeau spring series and a shoulder injury shut me down on the last lap, but aiming for a blast at Ulster XC round 4 this coming weekend held in Castlewellan Forest by Shimna Wheelers. It's sure to be a good one.

#CrossIsComing #FiveMonthsToGo

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