Friday, 6 May 2016

Yearly Update

Wait, I missed a year.
Following on from here...
Season 5 - Transformation to full time CX racer. Its just handier with two wee girls and one wife who has decided running is a good way to spend her days. It has the added benefit of being able to make progress at a chosen discipline again. When you start at the bottom, there is only one way to go.

But when the XC came round, I had no choice but to feed the urge again and get a few races in. A few was all it was in the end up. Various commitments and an unwillingness to travel away for whole days or weekends proved to be enough for me.

7 minutes of the only road race I entered convinced me never to set foot in an open RR group again. Absolute carnage. A quick dabble into full on Time Trialing proved not to be the time saver or competitive appetite suppressant I had hoped for. It turns out commuting on Aero extensions is a right pain in the back.

Season 6 - Completely besotted with cyclocross at this stage. Raced every single weekend from September until mid December - for the traditional, inexplicable 3 week break in proceedings before the biggest race of the year. The CX nationals. League went well, grabbed some podiums which I never dreamt possible. 2nd in the overall league. Top 10 at nationals, the result may not have been as good as I wanted but the performance was, so I went home happy for a change.

XC Season is heating up now, and I have managed one Spring series race and one NPS. Family commitments and repeated bouts of ManFlu have halted my eagerness. I have no zipp in the legs but the endurance is still there, proved by making up 4 places in the last lap and a half of NPS2 at Djouce. 6th Place finish and happy enough with that.

Now if I could just break the caramel square habit and get a block of 8 weeks or so of no more sniffles brought home from the mini-me's I could maybe get something going.

Best thing of all about season 6 is that offspring MK1 has started racing U6's, doing quite well in the first couple of races and totally blowing the form book open by beating everyone (all the smelly boys) in her 4th race. She was the reason I started racing in the first place. MK2 has a long way to go but I am sure her total abandon for her own safety will prove useful in years to come.

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