Thursday, 13 March 2014

It's 2014 race season?

The epic Maxbo blog has been somewhat neglected. I get so many people contacting me wondering if I am alright. Ok, I don't. I just cannot be arsed boring anyone who stumbles in here.

But Bored you must be, if you are actually reading this.

Quick XC Career recap.
Season 1 - S3. Deadly season, few podiums and decent NPS position. Top 10 at Nationals

Season 2 - S2. Stroked badly in every NPS round, got it together for a late push and took UXC S2 title and Ulster Masters Champs medal. 7th I think at Nationals, more by default of everyone else breaking their bike Down in Djouce wonderland.

Season 3 - S2. Late 2012 form carried on thanks to a season of CX, Hit the ground running, Podiumed every NPS round with 3 wins and won the National masters title. Go Me. Should have just quit then. But No, I went in and did another full winter of CX after a few months downtime.

Season 4 - S1. Senior 1? WTF? How did this happen? From Baggies and Trailbadger jerseys and racing on a Commencal Meta 5, to racing XC Elites, EPO and A national champs jersey to disgrace. All a bit of a blur. Race one is over, managed 4th in round 1 of the Ulster XC. I have another wee bundle of joy due in August. Expecting full time retirement or total career transformation to Enduro or Downhill, or some other format where I dont have to spend time training in between sh*tty bums.

I suppose I will update again when said baba is heading off to school. Primary or secondary..? anyones guess.


  1. Found meeself here tonight. Bored. should go to bed really. good read tho Baz. Keep er lit. When does tho plateau ffs?

  2. No Way. A comment. Someone left a comment!!!